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Exceeding Expectations,
One Patient at a Time.

A modern integrative approach to chronic or particularly challenging conditions. We develop a customized treatment plan, and, as appropriate, work with your other medical providers to provide integrated care to serve you best.


If you feel like you’ve tried everything,

we are ready to be your last resort with the best results.

What We Treat

Group of sporty women smiling happily while standing together in a yoga studio. Cheerful f

Women's Health & Fertility

We stimulate the body's natural ability to bring the hormones back to balance.

Acupuncture has proven to be beneficial for both men and women who experience fertility problems. It's a natural way to balance the endocrine system and reduce stress. Coupling acupuncture with herbal medicine increases blood flow to the reproductive system, and regulate ovulation and sperm production. Our purpose is to help you conceive, maintain a good pregnancy, promote labor and have a happy healthy baby.






*Pelvic Pain

*Poor Ovarian Reserve

*Ovulation Disorder

*Premature Ovarian Failure

*Thin Uterine Lining

*IUI/IVF Support

*Idiopathic Infertility

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Acupuncture and herbal medicine can significantly improve stubborn dermatological issues. Chinese medicine treats the root causes from inside out rather than using topical steroid creams to suppress the immune system. Our clinic also provides holistic microneedling treatments for acne, scars, winkles and more.   

*Acne/ Surgical Scars

*Enlarged pores

*Fine lines & wrinkles

*Dermatitis/ Eczema


*Herpes Simple & Zoster/Shingles

*Urticaria/ Hives

*TMJ Disorder

Elderly woman applying moisturizing lotion cream on hand palm, easing aches. Senior old la

 Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune conditions are due to the body mistakenly attacking its healthy cells. Immunosuppressive medications are usually given, but with the cost of side effects. Acupuncture helps to down-regulate the hormones when overactive or up-regulate when under active. 

*Rheumatoid Arthritis


*Celiac Disease

*Inflammatory Bowl Disease

-Crohn's Disease

-Ulcerative Colitis

*Type I Diabetes

Meet the Doctor

"Our goal is to help our patients return to a state of balance and vital health. We use the best treatment and combination of methods to meet each patient's unique situation to achieve the highest results."

Doctor Song Photo

Dr. Song is the founder and owner of NY Acupuncture Wellness. She has almost a decade experience and advanced certificates in treating women's health and fertility. She also received extensive clinical experiences at Columbia University and Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Cancer Center. She treats each patient on a case by case basis and applies personalized treatment plans to achieve maximum results. Dr. Song's Fertility Care Program integrates acupuncture and Assisted Reproductive Technology protocols to improve IUI and IVF success rate.  She uses the most up to date evidence based research and clinical studies to provide the best quality care for her patients.  

Image by Léonard Cotte


"After getting acupuncture from many different practitioners over the last 10 years, I can honestly say that Nana is one of the best. She was able to address chronic issues that no one else was able to help me with. Since beginning my treatments with her over a year ago, I have noticed a profound shift in my health and mental well-being. She makes you feel completely safe, comfortable and cared for. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing or simply to relax and rejuvenate."


"Nana is one of the most caring practitioners I have ever met. She helped me through a very hard time after I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her treatments and herbal supplements helped my flair ups tremendously and decreased my pain. I wouldn't have been able to get this far or even function without her."


"Nana is such a kind and caring individual! This was my first time so I was very scared and hesitant towards it all but she made me feel heard. She addressed a chronic neck and back issue that has not responded well to therapy or chiropractics. Acupuncture actually worked though! It brought my pain down so significantly that I was and still am in awe. You will not regret going to see her."


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